BlackBerry PassPort and BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry is now offering a new service called the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan. It offers extended hardware coverage for the BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Classic and the new BlackBerry Leap to owners in North America.

Here's what the new protection plan will offer to those smartphone owners:

  • An additional year of coverage for mechanical and electrical breakdown due to device defects that occur after BlackBerry's standard one year limited warranty expires
  • Coverage for accidental damage from handling (such as damage resulting from dropping the device, liquid spillage, or in association with screen breakage)
  • The option of a smartphone replacement to minimize downtime in the event of a claim

Blackberry customer service reps will go through each claim under the plan and may authorize solutions such as a repair or even a next-day delivery of a smartphone replacement. The price of the protection plan varies with each device. The company said:

The BlackBerry Care Protection Plan is available to customers in the U.S. and Canada, at a price of $3.49 USD ($4.25 CAD) per month for a BlackBerry Leap (upon in-market availability), $3.99 USD ($4.75 CAD) per month for a BlackBerry Classic, and $4.49 USD ($5.25 CAD) per month for a BlackBerry Passport. The BlackBerry Care Protection Plan will have an affordable deductible of only $49 for a BlackBerry Leap, $99 for a BlackBerry Classic and $129 for a BlackBerry Passport.

Source: BlackBerry