New BlackBerry 9000 Inspired Themes

Earlier in the week I posted about JC Designs' latest BlackBerry theme, the Inspired 9000, but at the time it was only available in the Icon format. John has since rounded out the collection for BlackBerry Curve, 8800 and 8700 series users with the theme now available in Today, Zen and User & Abuser formats.

If you missed my original post, you may want to check it out (lots of comments on it)... this new theme was Inspired by the latest round of BlackBerry 9000 images to hit the net. And with the User & Abuser bottom zen dock style now available (which features sweet jumping icons!), I gotta say, I think this theme will satisfy my BlackBerry 9000 fix until the real deal comes along. Because the homescreen shortcuts are fixed on the bottom dock, there are three versions to choose from which mix up the order/offering to hopefully suit your needs - User, User 2, Abuser and Abuser 2. The Abuser 2 is pictured above. The themes are available for $7 from and can be downloaded/installed either OTA or via Desktop Manager. When browsing the store, be sure to double check you are downloading the appropriate version for your device.