New Beta Application Blurts Coming Soon Seeking Testers

This is a sweet concept from MLH Software. A bluetooth device and desktop solution geared towards assisting you get call ID for your BlackBerry Smartphone on your PC. As spotted by my good friend Mauricio over at BlackBerryRocks the details goes like this:

If you are like us, you sit in front of a PC most of the day with a BlackBerry in your pocket. Every time it rings you have to dig it out just to see who is calling, and you think to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice if the caller ID just popped up on my computer screen so I could see who is calling before going through the trouble to dig it out of my pocket?

Well that is exactly what Blurts is designed to do. A desktop app and a BlackBerry app talk via Bluetooth to display caller ID info and more.

While the application is not yet available for download or purchase, MLH software does have it posted on their site that they are indeed looking for beta testers. So who better than the CrackBerry community to flood their inboxes and show em some love, right?  Keep in mind in order for this to work you have to have a PC or laptop with either Bluetooth built into it or a Bluetooth dongle ready to be connected. MLH has it listed as working for all devices running 4.2 OS + at this time but further beta testing is need so feel free to reach out to them if you want to help out.