Spoof for BlackBerry Beta

** Be sure to read through the site's FAQ before you use this. Keep in mind you're calling through their servers so while the service is free you'll want to watch out for any potential long distance charges. As always with anything we blog, try and use at your own risk. **

Ohhh boy. This one is going to cause a stir in the BlackBerry community. I feel even more guilty blogging about this than I do Slydial. No blaming me for any trouble caused. And I haven't given this a go yet (keep in mind it's a beta so only try if you're comfortable with betas), so be sure to report back in the comments with your findings... The Beta for 123Spoof for BlackBerry is going to become 'official' tomorrow, but we got the inside word about it and you can download it and give it a go right now. Here's the company verbage on 123Spoof for BlackBerry:

123SPOOF Mobile is a revolutionary Blackberry application that gives you COMPLETE control over your phone calls, empowering you to change Caller ID, disguise your voice, record your calls, and more! All this is combined with seamless BlackBerry integration.

Best of all, 123SPOOF Mobile now lets you make unlimited calls for FREE. You don't even have to sign up or enter any personal information to take advantage of this amazing offer! What's the catch? When making free calls, 123SPOOF Mobile requires that you listen to a short, nine second advertisement. Users who want to take full advantage of 123SPOOF Mobile without ads can sign up for an account online or inside the app.

Here are a few of the major features that you will not find anywhere else or all in one place:

  • Go straight to someone's Voicemail. Don't feel like talking to some people? Just leave em' a message! Their phone never rings, but still shows a missed call from your spoofed Caller ID!
  • Record your calls and replay them straight from your phone. 123SPOOF Mobile also integrates with your address book
  • Spoof internationally
  • Local access numbers in 40+ countries
  • Spoof DIRECTLY from the app! No call-back needed!
  • Best real-time Voice Changer

For more information and to download, visit http://123spoof.com/mobile/