Shawn the Sheep BBM

For you BBM Sticker fans out there you'll find a new pack in the BBM Shop today - this time featuring Shaun the Sheep. Now, I'm not sure how well known Shaun is globally, but if you've not come across him before he's the star or the British animated spin-off of Wallace and Gromit, which I'm sure is a little more popular.

We've only had BBM Stickers available for all, including iOS and Android, for a matter of days and we've already seen a couple of new sticker packs - first up was WWE which was free for a limited time and pretty sweet if you like that sort of thing.

We posted recently that the BBM Team were looking for Sticker pack ideas and it looks like the wheels are already in motion.

Although I'm not too keen on the Sticker pack prices - I will pay for the ones I really want. All I need is a KISS one. Hear me BlackBerry?