New BBM Beta Zone update brings new way to add contracts

BlackBerry has been busy working on BBM. We've just seen an update to the BBM beta on Windows Phone but it seems a beta update has landed for BlackBerry 10 users too. There isn't much to this update but it does bring about a new way to add BBM contacts. There is a new Add Contact screen where you can seemingly add contacts from a suggested list or send an invite to a contact to their e-mail address. Even the scan barcode screen has been tweaked too.

There are some known issues with this beta update

  • Glympse sent during out of coverage is received as expired after User turns on Wifi
  • Classic - After selecting a tab, User cant precisely and easily move up and down to highlight items using trackpad
  • Classic - User is unable to scroll through the Voice chat toolbar in the Voice chat UI using the trackpad
  • Classic - User can't easily scroll using trackpad in the chat history area containing a long message history, sometimes automatic scrolling happens even without the use of trackpad

You'll see mention of the BlackBerry Classic in that list of issues. A device not yet released or heard much of since it was announced during the last earnings call. But they're obviously testing internally. A bit funny to see it mentioned, really.

Also, note that by updating to this latest BBM beta, you may lose your existing chats. We're not sure if this is a limited beta as previous beta versions have been. If you don't have a Beta Zone account you can sign up for one for free. To update just open up the Beta Zone app to check for a BBM beta update.

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