Friday fun day? I'd say so. A shiny new batch of OS leaks has turned up in the forums thanks to the ever popular lbfe.

This time we come in with a few different versions depending on your device model. The good news is that these come down the line for all devices - STL100-1, 2, 3 & 4.

Just like every other time - be sure to read over the instructions before you get going. You'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and you'll want to perform a full backup of your device first. If anything goes bad - don't blame us. Remember you can always reload your Z10 OS if something gets borked. 

Grab the OS for your device at the link below then head into the forums for more help and discussion.

Download OS for the STL100-1
Download OS for the STL100-2 / STL100-3
Download OS for the STL100-4