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Another new week, some more new apps. I've scoured over the latest apps once again and I'm happy to report I have a few good ones that look to be worth checking out. There is quite a mix in App World these days and getting through all of the e-books and flashlight apps can be a chore, but I did find some winners. Keep reading and take a look at some great news apps to try this week. If you have any suggestions for great new apps, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Zoom for BlackBerry

Zoom for BlackBerry

This is a fun little app that puts a magnifying glass on your screen and lets you zoom in on your display. It's fun to just mess around but it comes in handy when you want to zoom in on images or web pages. Zoom for BlackBerry works best on older devices where you have no pinch-to-zoom functions, and best of all it's free! 

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Jelly Bean lock -AppsLock 

Jelly Bean Lock

This one looks pretty cool. I'm a big fan of trying different lock screens, and Jelly Bean lock has some neat features. Not only does it lock your screen, but you can set up to three apps to go to on unlock. So instead of just hitting the home screen, you can go straight to your phone or camera for example. It has a customizable background as well. For $0.99 it's worth trying out.

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This one is just pure fun. Blips puts some old school onomatopoeia on your BlackBerry. You may remember the "zip", "boom" and "pow" from the old Batman TV show? Now you can play around with your own comic book sound effects wherever you are. There are a few settings to customize things and Blips is just a blast. Grab it for $0.99. 

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Color Pencil Transcriber HD  

Color Pencil Transcriber

If you're artsy at all this one will be a great find. Color Pencil Transcriber HD is a fun little app for your PlayBook that turns your photos into colored pencil sketches. You can easily get carried away snapping photos of everything around you and converting them into cool sketches. After you're done, you can post them up to Facebook ot Twitter and share your creations with the world. $0.99 in App World.

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