Appetite for BlackBerry

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for all of the holiday cooking and baking that will soon appear at my table. There's nothing like feeding two addictions at once (one being the BlackBerry of course). Every year, it seems as though someone brings a new dish. Recipes are scribbled down or recited quickly and exchanged. Sometimes recipes are photocopied or printed out and left in a variety of drawers. When it comes to finding a long forgotten, now sought after recipe, it can become quite a challenge. This is especially true if your recipe box looks more like a paper recycling bin. Fear not, fellow food fanatics, Appetite is on the job!

SimpleLeap Software, the folks behind Cram, helps you satisfy your hunger for organization with this unique application. With Appetite, you can keep track of recipes and search for or create new ones. Your grocery lists and ingredients can be managed as well. I think SimpleLeap Software is on to something; Cram can help students study and Appetite will help them manage healthier meals, eliminating the Freshman 15!! Give in to your cravings and read on.

Take two cups....

the main menu

The main menu has a colourful, retro feel to it. The way you operate the main menu is exactly like your BlackBerry's native media application's main menu. From its menu, you can access four sections; My Recipes, Get Recipes, Grocery Lists and Ingredients.

My Recipes

This section will contain recipes you have either downloaded or created on your BlackBerry. Recipes are separated by 52 distinct categories. Like a pair of stretchy pants, there's always room to add more categories. Selecting and opening a recipe will show you various information including;

  • Name of the Recipe
  • Source
  • Cook and Prep Time
  • Serving Size
  • Ingredients
  • Directions

Any of this information can be modified as well. Advanced options include; assigning delicious photos for the recipes, emailing the recipe or share your recipe with fellow appetite users online. SimpleLeap offers a couple of different ways to view your recipe directions. I especially love the Step Mode, where you can view the directions one step at a time in a big, bold font. To make shopping trips easier, a grocery list can be created with a click of the trackball. Appetite accesses the ingredients for a selected recipe and automatically inputs them into a list. We'll look at the list later on.

click by click and step by step directions

Get Recipes

Don't know of any great recipes? Download them! The Get Recipe section grants you access to various channels, which are continually being added. Having a look at the Appetite channel, you will see the familiar recipe categories. The recipes entries display their name, source, cook time and even its rating. If images are assigned, they can be viewed as well. If you feel adventurous enough, you can click to download, selecting a category to place it in. You can then access them as discussed in the My Recipes section.

download shared recipes

Grocery Lists

Here you can view the name of the grocery lists, the number of items in the list and the total cost of the list. As mentioned before, a grocery list can be generated from a recipe's ingredients. Appetite also includes a generic list, where items can be chosen or created. Each item can be marked as having a coupon, or use notes to add specific instructions. You can also modify items; you may need 4 eggs instead of 3 or change the cost to the sale price. When finished, you can either go shopping, or send the list to someone else and make them do it! Appetite will allow you to check off an item with a trackball click. Lists can be used over and over, and can be created for a specific grocery store.

easily managed grocery lists


Here is a complete list of ingredients that can be found in all of the categories. Any downloaded recipes will also have their ingredients added to this section. In later versions of Appetite, I'm hoping to see the ability to send ingredients from this section to a grocery list.

options, options, everywhere

It's always nice to share, so SimpleLeap lets you create a free Appetite web portal account. You can now upload recipes to share. Help the world become a tastier place.

Last bite

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Appetite is a simple idea, which is powerfully executed. I'm impressed with the ease I experienced while creating a grocery list. There's so much detail given in the directions, ingredients and lists. Management can usually be done single-handedly. I'm looking forward to watching the online community grow, and to have access to increasingly abundant recipes. Appetite has a trial period available - the full version can be found at the CrackBerry store for only $9.99. All these recipes right before the holiday season. I will definitely be using this to full advantage, while keeping myself festively plump!


  • An array of food categories
  • download shared recipes
  • powerful grocery list creation and management


  • interfering with my weight loss!!

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