I just received an email from REXwireless letting me know about their newest application for BlackBerry Smartphones, REXconnect. REXconnect improves upon the interconnectivity of native BlackBerry Applications by offering:

  • The ability to quickly and easily send data from one BlackBerry software application to another.
  • Menu-based access to REXconnect in standard BlackBerry applications.
  • A point and click interface that minimizes keystrokes - never select, scroll, copy, navigate (navigate, navigate), and paste again.

Pretty awesome. If the above doesn't quite make sense, here are a couple of examples of how you might use REXconnect on a daily basis:

An email comes in from Henry to meet next Thursday at Houston's Restaurant for lunch.
You click on the menu, choose REXconnect, click on BlackBerry Calendar and a few seconds later, the meeting is booked (with minimal keystrokes or time spent).  

While you are on the phone with Fred Johnson, he asks you for John McDonald's contact information. Fred does not have a BlackBerry but rather, a simple cell phone.
After finding John in the BlackBerry address book, you click on REXconnect, and send the contact info via an SMS text message to Fred seconds later (with minimal keystrokes or time spent). 

It's a simple app, but features a lot of goodness, so check out REXconnect here for more details and for links to purchase. It sells for $14.95. If you give a try, be sure to report back with your comments!