reQall released a beta version of its first memory aid made specifically for BlackBerry users yesterday, which allows users to enter reminders into their BlackBerry via voice or text input, and easily edit and share them. You can visit for more details, and check out Press Release highlights after the jump! If you give it a go and remember to, be sure to report back with your comments. :-)

reQuall for BlackBerry Smartphones

reQall for BlackBerry will help BlackBerry users stay organized on the go by allowing them to create, edit and share reminders-right from their BlackBerry. Based on pioneering research into memory prostheses from MIT's Media Lab, reQall enables users to simply say or text what they want to remember straight to their BlackBerry. reQall converts voice messages into text, sorts the messages into To-Dos, Notes and Shopping List items, and delivers reminders to the user at the right moment. The service solves the common problem of "how do I capture all of those great thoughts I have while I'm not sitting at my desk?"

"This launch shows our commitment to continually extending the reach of our award-winning service to help as many people as possible improve their memories," says Rao Machiraju, CEO of reQall. "Being an avid BlackBerry user myself, I am always connected and constantly juggling multiple tasks. With reQall, I have my own ‘back-up brain' so I never forget."

reQall is smart enough to recognize certain spoken or typed keywords such as "buy," "note" and "meet" to help it organize items into their proper place. It also recognizes dates and times, which allows it to create and send reminders at the appropriate time. reQall users can share reminders with their colleagues, friends or family members by entering messages like "ask Jen to send the proposal." Jen will immediately receive a reminder by text, email or instant message. reQall for BlackBerry also integrates with several BlackBerry functions, offering a one-click "reQall This" option that creates reQall Notes and To-Dos from inside the email, calendar, memo pad and task list functions on the BlackBerry smartphone.

"People all over the world are using reQall as an indispensable memory aid. reQall for BlackBerry will make this essential tool available to one of the most digitally active and hyper-connected audiences," said Gabriel Yu, founder and chairman of iTVentures Group, and reQall investor and advisor. "Remembering things with reQall for BlackBerry doesn't get any easier."

The new reQall for BlackBerry service is a collaborative effort by reQall's global teams based in Hong Kong, India and the U.S. This release is a true milestone in establishing reQall's unified global approach to creating the best memory solutions for users around the world. reQall's Hong Kong team played a pivotal role in the development of reQall for BlackBerry and worked closely with managerial and design input from the U.S. and India teams respectively. All global teams consist of internal reQall employees who strive to produce world-class solutions to transform the way people remember.

reQall for BlackBerry is available now and is free during the initial beta phase. The application can be used around the globe (currently supporting English only). reQall is currently in talks with major mobile operators and manufacturers to provide versions for non-English speaking markets. For more information or to sign up, please visit