Looking for a new BBM update? BBM for Android version is rolling out now to supported devices, and there's a solid changelog to go along with the version bump. Not only is there a substantial UI overhaul that has added new options to chats but there's also layout tweaks to the main navigation menu. The biggest new addition is the quick reply notification support for Android N. Nougat devices like the upcoming KEYone and the now available Aurora will have a smooth BBM experience without the application loading every time you fire off a quick response.

BBM for Android Version Changelog

  • Infrastructure features to reduce spam invites
  • Updated icons for BBM Voice and Video calling
  • Improved quick reply notification support for Android "N"
  • Performance improvements and bug reports
  • Introduced Me and Discover screen into the main navigation menu
  • Combined BBM Groups and group management features into the Chat screen. All chat conversations are in a single place now.

Overall it's a nice update that balances a lot of the usability aspects for BBM on Android and expands the feature set. Getting BBM ready for Nougat and moreover streamlining chats, be they multi-person, group or one-to-one is a significant benefit for users who frequent the messaging application. The 'Me' screen is a great new display section within BBM accessible from the main navigation menu; this is where you'll find the BBM Settings as well as quick and easy access to things like your BBM Channel and BBM Profile.

This update shows that BBM continues to grow with the Discover screen getting more options in particular regions like Indonesia and South Africa. We expect that throughout 2017 more features will come to BBM to expand on the offering and propel BBM as a secure all-in-one private social network for close contacts. Support has been great, BBM is getting more active on their social accounts offering support and quick feedback, and we're optimistic about the prospects for the messaging app in the months ahead. We're still on the lookout to see how businesses will use BBM Channels to leverage the Chatbot API within BBM, but for now, grab the update from Google Play and let us know what you think.