Available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 and PlayBook -  NeverMaze may be an Android port but it's a great little time killer that may be perfect for those commutes to work. In fact you can't even get it on Android believe it or not! The devs wanted to lean the Android frameworks but future apps from them should be native, including this one.

The concept is very straight forward - the app will auto generate a maze and you need to maneuver the orange icon to the purple one. The graphics are pretty basic but the colors complement each other well and although I'm not super excited about this one myself it is a little addictive.

The game play is smooth and although lacking any background music (which may have been nice) the game may also be a great one for the kids. The developer states that there are billions of mazes available so you will more than likely never see the same one twice which is a nice touch.

Unfortunately this one isn't free but it's cheap at only £0.75/$0.99 so it won't break the bank.

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