Never miss your bus or metro again with Transit App: Real Time Tracker

For the last ten years, I have traveled to and from NYC for work. As such, I utilize several modes of public transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, the Long Island Bus and the MTA NYC Subway as part of my morning and evening commute. To help ease the frustration of commuting, there is Transit App: Real Time Tracker, a real-time tracker for those who rely on public transit in various cities and countries.

When you launch Transit App, it determines your location in conjunction with your GPS and Google Maps to and proceeds to locate the nearest public transportation and their estimated time of arrival (ETAs). Included in this list are the local bus, subway, commuter rail, and even Uber's in the area. The interface is easy-to-read, and you can easily navigate to the mode of transportation and direction. The map with your location is shown above with each method of transit and their arrival times at your specific location is shown below in color-coded boxes. If you swipe on a particular mode, in this case, the bus, you can swap between lines and directions. The signal bars in the upper right of the time denotes the schedule is in real-time.


  • Know when your next subway or bus is arriving with real-time predictions (where available)
  • Plan A-to-B trips with ease
  • See exactly where your bus or metro is on the map in real-time
  • Browse real-time service advisories, and subscribe to push notifications for disruptions that may affect your commute (in select cities)
  • View schedules and route itineraries. Even offline
  • See how many bikes / docks are available at nearby bikeshare stations
  • Check ETAs for the closest Uber and request a ride
  • Find nearby car share vehicles and book one
  • NEW: Schedule alarms and get reminders before your bus or train arrives
  • NEW: Enable stop announcements and get notified when you're approaching your stop
  • Support for all transportation modes: bus / metro / subway / light rail / streetcar / train / Uber / bike share / car2go / ferry

What makes Transit App stand apart is the real-time tracking ability for the subway and bus. While this feature is not available for every agency in every country or city, it allows you to see exactly where your mode of transit is and how long it will be before it arrives. For me, this is an important capability, especially when traveling at night when transportation runs less frequently. I put this app to the test with a bus line I know has delays. No matter how late they were running, Transit App accurately predicted the arrival time of my bus even during rush hour.

Transit App supports public transportation in the US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Kenya. You can find the full list of supported agencies and cities here. Please note only the asterisked agencies support real-time departures and/or vehicle locations. When real-time tracking is not available, the app provides you with their schedules.

Transit App aims to make the commuter experience a better one. It supplies you with real-time information for over 100 cities and helps ensure you aren't left waiting at your stop for long. You can download it for free in Google Play.

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