Although I check the 'new arrivals' section in BlackBerry App World each day, it isn't very often that one stands out and makes me think "wow, this looks really cool". It happened this past weekend when I spotted Medication Reminder however. As you can see in the demonstration video the application does what it says on the tin and reminds you to take your pills. However, the app does this in a really stylish way and in addition there are some great extra features, ideal for those of you with medical conditions.

If you take medication on a regular basis and need a reminder to take the pills at a certain time of the day this app is perfect for you and I would highly recommend you give it a try.

  • The tool for a healthier life, Right at your fingertips!!
  • A user-friendly app to help you manage your and your family health!!
  • This app gives timely reminders and prompts you to take medicine or meals on time to help you stay on top of your health, which matter most.
  • Get reminded about important doctor appointments which you may otherwise forget.
  • This app will prove to be an important step on your journey to better health since it ensures that you eat right, you exercise, you never forget your doctor appointments and you take your medicines on time. 
  • Let ‘Medicine Reminder' help you, it's easy!
  • *REMINDERS: Set customizable reminders for your medical prescriptions (medicines etc), doctor appointments, regular health checkups and meals. 
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