Neu: Clean And Fresh Free Theme for 8900, 9000 And 83xx Devices!

Looking for a nice and clean theme for your 8900, Bold or 83xx Series Curve? And you want it to be free? Ninja Please has just the theme you are looking for then. In what has got to be the most co-operative theme release I have ever seen between CrackBerry community members, Neu is available for download and I have to say the wait for the updates was well worth it.

From an idea lilhaloshaka had and designs and icons from Maxthemes, Ninja Please was able to take a concept image and make it a reality and bundle it all up in a number of theme variations for different devices. Be it a hidden today or just calendar and message options, Neu is a very nice theme over all that flows on the devices it was designed for. Be sure to check it out. The download is free but if you're in the giving spirit Ninja Please will take some donations to the SPCA.