Those were the words spoken by the official @NetflixHelps account on Twitter earlier. While we've known for quite some time now that Netflix had nothing in the works this was one of the first times the information had come from a Netflix source outside of emails replied to where users had requested knowing if the service was coming. After that Tweet though, it managed to catch the attention of a lot of BlackBerry users who began their own personal boycotts of Netflix letting others know they would be cancelling the service.

Needless to say, if you search on Twitter now for @Netflixhelps you'll see a lot of comments from BlackBerry users. If you're upset about it as well, by all means send them a tweet and let them know or use their contact us page to reach out to their customer service department. Netflix seemingly needs to be reminded they provide a non-essential service. People use Netflix because they offer something they want, if Netflix refuses to offer what they want then Netflix becomes irrelevant and people will cancel their accounts. While you're at it -- let @Skypesupport know you want an app as well.

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