We are all rather partial to a free decent game for BlackBerry 10. Neon Adventures is just that and while it does have some in-app purchases available you certainly don't need to use them to enjoy the game. 

This one is all about butterflies. You control a big one and your job is to collect all the small ones. As usual - the first couple of levels are nice and easy and allow you to get the hang of things. You control your butterfly using an on-screen joy pad, although it does take some getting used to as it's quite sensitive. 

As you progress through the levels there will be different colored butterflies to collect and as you pass over them they will then follow you. You then need to drop them in the corresponding colored circle - although easier said than done. For example; if you rescue the yellow butterflies you will then need to fly over an orange icon to allow you to collect the orange butterflies. Your character will turn the same color as the ones you are going to collect, but as things get busier on the display you will need to watch where you fly as it can be easy to accidently switch colors as I expertly demonstrate in the video - unintentionally! 

Set on a black background, you will also encounter some bad dudes that fly around the screen. Avoid these as a collision will cost you a life. There are some additional powers you can use which are shown on the left of the display. If you need more than you are initially given, this is where the in-app purchases can come in handy. 

With 40 colorful levels for you to contend with, Neon Adventures is challenging to say the least. But with great game play and bright crisp graphics it really is a joy to play. 

Due to screen real estate it is only the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 that are supported at the time of writing this. I'm not sure the game would be as nice to play on the hardware keyboard handsets. 

Give it a go and see what you think? 

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