If you've fired up the BlackBerry Beta Zone today, you may have already spotted the latest app from Nemory Studios. It goes by the name Ober and serves as a hybrid native and web app for the Uber taxi service. Sadly, (or perhaps thankfully?) I don't live in an area which Uber is available so I wasn't able to fully give it a go but if you happen to frequent using Uber, maybe this is the app you've been waiting for on BlackBerry 10.

The app is free to download and use but it does have an ad running in it which once the app moves further along in beta, will be able to be be removed for $0.99. It's live in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now so there's no waiting to download it. Just be sure if you use it, to offer up some feedback on how it can be further improved and no, asking for the ad to be removed isn't good feedback. Just saying.