As things stand currently there aren't many options for Twitter clients on BlackBerry 10. That will clearly change in the very near future, but if you fancy using something other than the 'limiting' native Twitter app, you may want to check out Neatly for BlackBerry 10.

I met up with the developer of Neatly, Ahmed, earlier today at BlackBerry Jam in Amsterdam and he kindly agreed to come on video and talk us through the app. I've been using Neatly over the last 24 hours and early impressions are very positive. Ahmed has spent a lot of time on the features within the app as well as the UI which adopts a black background with white text - and it looks really good. Notifications are not working at the moment as Twitter themselves need to agree to that, but it is in the works so fingers crossed it won't be long.

I'll continue to use Neatly and maybe do a follow up post in the next week or so with my final impressions. You can grab the app for $2.69 in the meantime if you can't wait. Feel free to air your thoughts in the comments section.

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