We all like a free game right? Plus it's a real bonus when that game is awesome. Let me introduce you to Nebular Zoo for BlackBerry 10 which comes as a free download  - with the option to upgrade to the full edition for a few extra features. 

This one is all about guiding your space craft around a selection of worlds to collect rare animals which you can then display proudly in your gallery. Of course, it isn't quite that easy as you will need to dodge a wide range of obstacles as you orbit the planet. Controlling your craft is simply done with one touch of the BlackBerry display to make the space ship climb in height. Release and down it will glide. 

You'll find yourself needing pretty quick reflexes to dodge the strange aliens that are on the planet, as well as clouds and other space craft amongst other things in orbit. With Scoreloop integration your BlackBerry buddies can see how good you are at the game and when you are playing it - always a plus. 

There are bonus items you can pick up along the way - such as icons that destroy everything on-screen or a machine gun, just to name a couple. The graphics are bursting with some great color choices by the developer and the funky background music makes for a fantastic gaming experience. 

This one is another that is restricted to the all touch BlackBerry 10 handsets - so hardware keyboard users will have to take a rain check this time around. But if that's you - I tip my hat for you staying a die hard keyboard user, like myself. 

Features of the game include: 

  • Colorful retro graphics and character designs
  • Simple tap and play interface
  • Train your brain reaction by playing the game
  • Collectable items to power up your spacecraft
  • Alien encounters across the planet (The Full version has more planets.)
  • Suitable for players of all ages, both kids and adult

Download Nebular Zoo (Free) for BlackBerry 10