I've never been a big mobile gamer, but having my PlayBook with me now gives me good reason to try out some new stuff. I've found that I look to the PlayBook more in my downtime, and I've found some great games that help kill time. One of my new favorites is a game called Nebula. The premise is very simple and reminds me quite a bit of Asteroids. While not totally the same, it carries over some of the same elements. You protects your planet from the incoming asteroids by firing at them. Throughout the game you can receive various upgrades to help in your quest. If your planet gets hit three times you're toast. The graphics are pretty sweet and the music totally scoops you in. Is super relaxing and almost zens you out when you play. For $1.99 you really can't beat it, so if you have a Playbook I highly recommend it.

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