I have to admit, this is probably the last thing I thought I would be writing about on a Friday but alas, we all know QNX powers a lot of stuff in this world so I suppose it comes as no real surprise. Neato Robotics, a robotics company located in Newark, California, has chosen the QNX Neutrino operating system as the software platform for the new Neato BotVac series of robot vacuums due to its superior realtime performance and efficient use of system hardware, as well as for its flexibility to support new product features.

To maneuver reliably around pets, furniture, staircases, and other household objects, our autonomous home robots need fast, predictable response times, and the QNX OS has enabled our engineers to achieve very high performance on cost-effective hardware,” said Mike Perkins, vice president of engineering at Neato Robotics. ”The QNX OS also helped us create a software architecture that can quickly accommodate new features, giving us the flexibility to scale product lines and deliver compelling new capabilities.

Automotive, medical, networking, security, defense and now QNX can help clean up your living room. I like it. If you're looking to learn more about Neato Robotics you can head on over to their website or view the full press release on the QNX site.