Neatly was one of the first third party Twitter apps available soon after the BlackBerry 10 launch. It's still one of the top third party Twitter apps, in my books anyway. It has been updated to version 2, bringing about a complete UI change. And I must it looks pretty darn good. I also love how there is a dark theme too, I beginning to live the dark theme since getting a Q10.

It still has all it's different features from version 1, including the Smart timeline, Topics and Custom timeline. It also still includes the profile comparison, showing how much you have in common with them. 

Features of Neatly

  • Customize your timeline
  • Have the similar updates into separate single timelines
  • Weed out the irrelevant topics and updates aside
  • Maximize your social productivity
  • Select the users you are feeling only attached to
  • Filter out each topic according to list of users
  • Get important hashtags and sources closer to you
  • Get more info about any twitter user through extended profile view

This update is a lot more visually appealing and I do like the pop-up animation when you tap and hold a tweet to bring up more options. If you haven't updated, update now. If you haven't tried out Neatly yet, now is a good time to check it out. It is also on sale for 99 cents from now until the next Monday, 5th August 2013. So, it's definitely worth checking out. Check out the video above for quick demo of the update, before you decide.

More information / Purchase Neatly from BlackBerry World