If the preloaded BlackBerry 10 Twitter app isn't cutting it for you and you've been thinking about giving Neatly a go, now is as good a time as any. F16 Apps has removed the pricing on Neatly and for a limited time is offering it as a free download for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The app has gone through several changes since we last took a look at it and with that, several improvements as well.

  • Customize your timeline  - Have the similar updates into separate single timelines.  - Weed out the irrelevant topics and updates aside.   
  • Maximize your social productivity  - Select the users you are feeling only attached to.  - Filter out each topic according to list of users.  - Get important hash tags and sources closer to you.  - Get more info about any twitter user through extended profile view.
  • Put spammers aside  - Mute the annoying users on your following list.  - Mute the sources and hash tags that teases you.
  • Visualize your preferences and interests  - Set a particular color any user to indicate his/her updates.  - Assign a color for important users for later-check.
  • Spot on the detailed views  - Check any tweet through a detailed view of location and media preview.  - Enjoy a friendly threaded direct messages.  - Compose more than one tweet in a single message.
  • Swipe to call an action  - Click double and triple to make a customized action.  - Swipe left and right to enjoy the usability.
  • E-mailize  - Attach a tweet, conversation, topic and an image and compose it to an email. 
Plus, if you like choice when it comes between the themes used, Neatly allows you to choose from either the light or dark them in the app. At this point, you don't have anything to lose in giving it a go so if you've been on the fence, now is the time to hop off.