Neatly Twitter app on sale until April 19th - Get it now!

My current go to Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 is Neatly. It is packed with features, including custom timelines, lists and something the developer calls Smart Lists that gages the tweets you regularly read and interact with and presents those first. The app also shows you how much you have in common with your followers and other users. The ability to mute users is also there, as well as adding tweets to favourites. There is even the option to privately set tweets as favourites. Neatly also has an option that allows you to mark certain Twitter users with a certain tag with your choice of colour, so that they stand out when scrolling through your timeline.

Right now Neatly is having a sale and is currently priced at $0.99/£0.75, normally $4.99. If you were previously on the fence about checking it out, perhaps the price drop may entice you to check it out. You can also read up on our full review before you take the leap to see if it's something that tickles your fancy.

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