Since it's initial release, Neatly for BlackBerry 10 has gradually become my go to twitter client over the native version. Following in the footsteps of last week's major update, F16apps rolled out a new version with even more improvements and bug fixes.  

  • Load More
  • Instant Reply (Swipe from right to left on a tweet in a timeline - can be turned off from settings)
  • Help Screen (Find it in the settings)
  • The App opens in "Regular" by default
  • More Notification Options
  • Manual Auto Refresh option
  • Timeline Options
  • Faster Page Loading Times
  • Bug fixes

With each update, Neatly improves your social experience and is an impressive twitter client. The update is available to download in BlackBerry World and offers a convenient way to catch-up with your timeline without scrolling down to read older tweets or losing your place.  

Update: F16apps released v1.2.7.1 which corrects the login crash error

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