NBA Jam has recently hit BlackBerry World - available for the Z10 and although I'm not an expert on basketball, this game is absolutely awesome!

There are a couple of different game types. If you just fancy a quick play you can do that or if you're going hardcore there's the 'Classic Campaign' where you can try to defeat all the other teams in the NBA league.

NBA Jam is a two on two game and controlling your players is a piece of cake. You have a virtual joy pad on the bottom left of the screen and over on the right are three further tabs which you can use for shooting, passing the ball, blocking and even tackling your opponent.

The graphics and sound on NBA Jam are truly amazing - coupled with fast and furious game play whether you are a basketball fan or not I can guarantee you will have a ton of fun with this game.

NBA Jam will set you back $2.99/£2.00 and that's money well spent if you ask me. Another fine title from Electronic Arts.

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