If you use Navita Translator you'll be happy to know an update to version 3.0 was rolled out and it not only enhances the user interface but also brings a selection of updated features.

If you have not tried the app before, it is the perfect companion if you are going on holiday to another country as you can type any word or phase into Navita and it will show you the answer in the native language. If you can't be doing with trying to pronounce the word/phrase fear not as Navita will also speak it for you, therefore kind of allowing you to have a conversation in a different language via your BlackBerry - clever stuff.

The update brings the following new features:

  • Voice recognition
  • New languages and idioms
  • Universal search integration
  • Word and phrase examples

Navita is free to download, which is always nice but extra bonuses include it being BBM connected and you can also share results via email, SMS, PIN, Facebook, Twitter or even just save as a memo. The app gives you a choice of which provider actually gives you the results so you can switch between Google and Bing as you see fit.

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