If you are travelling overseas with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then Navita Translator has to be one of the most useful applications you can be equipped with. The app itself isn't new, and we have featured it many times on older BlackBerry devices, but of course it is new to BlackBerry 10.

Navita Translator supports 60 languages so chances are that wherever you are going on holiday or business it will come in handy. The user interface is a piece of cake to use. Just select the language you wish to translate to from the drop down menu and then type the text in the box. Once you press translate a new screen will open with the results.

At the bottom of the screen is a 'Speak' tab. Press this and the translation results will be spoken to you - perfect if you are struggling to communicate with someone in another language and don't feel like attempting it yourself. I used this on a train once with a German lady. I didn't know here but she roared with laughter - just saying.

If you need examples of when and how a certain word is used then you can select the 'Examples' tab. A selection of examples will be shown detailing the chosen word in use. You can also share your results via a selection of options including BBM.

The final feature, which I don't find that useful, is the 'Speak' tab at the base of the home screen. Here you can discover how certain words and phrases are said in your native language but spoken by someone in another. Once again, you have the full choice of languages to choose from and some are quite funny to listen to but it's not something that I will ever use. Maybe if I was learning to speak a foreign language it may be an asset but I'm not - I'm not that smart!

You can pick up Navita Translator free for BlackBerry 10 and if you are going away I would strongly recommend it - if only for emergencies.

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