Natwest Mobile Banking app

The Natwest Mobile Banking app is one of my most used apps on my BlackBerry phone. I use it everyday, making sure my balance is in check and not being used frivorously. It has only been about a month since we last saw an update but today, I am happy to announce that it has recently been updated to v1.3 and it brings a feature a lot of people have been wanting since it was first released. The update now allows you to make payments from the app. However, you can only make payments to accounts already set up through online banking. So if you haven't yet set any up then you'll have to get those set up first before they will show up in the app.

It certainly is a welcome update and if you're a Natwest customer and haven't downloaded this app yet, get to it now. It is available for BlackBerry smartphones with OS 5.0 and above.

More information and to download the Natwest Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry