We've already seen a bunch of great apps updated this week and here's another for UK customers of NatWest. The banking app has been updated to version and with it comes a sweet selection of new features and improvements.

Folk in the UK may well remember that back when BlackBerry 10 was in it's early days we were promised a native BB10 NatWest app. That didn't ever happen, but thanks to the power of Android the app that BlackBerry 10 users have on their handsets is indeed the Android one - and it works perfectly - I use it myself.

New in this version:

  • You can now view direct debits you have set up.

  • You can now view standing orders you have set up.

  • Previously you needed to have at least £25 available funds in you accounts to use Get Cash, upon receiving your feedback that amount has been lowered to £10.

  • You can now download the app on as many BlackBerry devices as you want.

  • You can now apply for a new or increased overdraft limit.

  • When making a payment, rather than having to swipe through all the payees you can now search by name for specif ones.

A nice selection don't you think? If you've not used the app before you can download it for free and it runs on all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Download NatWest for BlackBerry 10