Native Spotify Client  BlackBerry 10 in the works

From the developer that brought us third party clients Snap2Chat and Facebook Messenger, Nemory Studios is working on a third party native Spotify app. I've been wanting a developer to bring us a Spotify app for a while now and if you have been waiting for one too, rest assured one is in the works. I'm glad to see Nemory Studios dive in to bring us Spo2fy. It's in the very early development stages right now but you can check out the screenshots so far over in the CrackBerry Forums. While you're there you might want to try out the app in beta.

Features so far

  • Login
  • Register
  • Forgot Password
  • Search a Track, Album, Artist or Any
  • Load Profile
  • Load Playlists
  • Load Songs / Saved Tracks
  • Static Image Active Frame (for now)

Don't expect everything to work smoothly and don't expect it to play any music for you just yet, it's in a SUPER early alpha stage but any feedback will be welcomed by the developer. For anyone with a Beta Zone account you may see it available within the app on BlackBerry 10 devices but there seems to be some issues downloading the app at this time. If you don't mind sideloading you can download the .BAR file from the forums and give it a spin.

Download Spo2fy from the CrackBerry Forums