As you all know if you've been following the flurry of BlackBerry PlayBook news, the PlayBook will be arriving with no native email client nor do BlackBerry developers have an native SDK to create apps on. While the no native email client has been hotly debated among potential BlackBerry PlayBook owners -- it is something that RIM is working on; as is the native SDK for developers. When questioned in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jim Balsillie dropped the news surrounding the launch of native email.

“We will have, if you want, a standalone non-web, non-paired email client on it within the next, I believe it was 60 days scheduled.” He also said that the Android app player will be coming “sometime this summer.”

While I have some pretty strong feelings about the lack of native email at launch, I am quite pleased to know that it is a top priorority for RIM and understand the dynamics behind its delay. I'll not debate it in this post, given that pretty much every other tech blog out there has used it as a weapon to beat the BlackBerry PlayBook down even before it gets out the gates , let's just say RIM has their reasons for it not being there -- and the solution for it is not as easy as slapping an email client on board and calling it a day as some would like you to believe.

There isn't much security in that methodology and doing so would go against everything we've come to expect from RIM when it comes to secure email processes. In any event, a secure native email client is coming -- we just have to wait for it. Now, someone please help the horse up.

Source: WSJ

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