Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3

For those patiently waiting, iGrann, a native Instagram client, has now gone into beta 3. There's a ton of activity in the forums on iGrann, with lots of community members participating, giving feedback and suggestions on improvements and features they'd like to see come to iGrann. The app is certainly coming along nicely and today we see the latest update beta version land. Beta 3 comes with a lot of fixes and new features that are very much welcome.

What's new in beta 3?

  • Location icon gets squished if location name is too long (Fixed)
  • Can not click profile/pictures in news page (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in comments (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in feed using modern ui (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if username starts with "@" when searching (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if hashtag starts with "#" when searching (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if caption contains returns when uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if message contains certain smilies when commenting (Fixed)
  • Caption box is populated with previous text (Fixed)
  • Spelling checker and Word substitution do not work when commenting or uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Unfollow does not work (Fixed)
  • Support 10.1 (Implemented)
  • Native UI for News (Implemented)
  • Notifications (Implemented)
  • Active Frame (Implemented)
  • ReGrann photo (Implemented)
  • Friendly design for 720x720 (Implemented)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Implemented)
  • Edit Profile (Implemented)
  • Liked Posts (Implemented)
  • Follow Request for Private Users (Implemented)
  • Accept Follow Requests (Implemented)

As you can see that's a nice long list of things. And iGrann is my Instagram app of choice on my BlackBerry 10 device. For the most part, everything runs smoothly and I must say it is all around pretty slick. Still, bear in mind that iGrann is in beta. You can discuss any bugs you find in the forums as well as give any feedback to the developer. Download iGrann beta from the official iGrann website below. It will have to be sideloaded onto your device.

Download iGrann beta 3
Discuss more in the forums