So today is August 5th 2008 and you know what that means right?! NO?! It's National Pull Your Battery Day!! What does that mean to you?? Well, it's a perfect time to show your BlackBerry how much you love it by doing a quick battery pull. This simple project will help with clearing out some gunk and speed up your berry!! So if you uninstalled something and forgot to reboot, no worries as this will clean it all up!! And remember, if you're not a fan of the yanking the battery, you can always do the RIM-preferred Alt + Right Caps + Delete soft reboot.

After you pull your battery on your BlackBerry and while you wait for it to finish turning back on head over to the August 5th, National Battery Pull Day thread and leave a comment to show your dedication to helping your berry stay clean and healthy! You know what they say... "A Battery Pull A Day, Will Keep The Doctor Away!"