At Devcon11, I had an elevator meeting of sorts with Enrique Rodriguez and Isreal Lazo from Trutruka on the way down to the conference. Trutruka is a game development studio from Chile that captures classic style gaming with crisp animation and effects for both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Their games range from top-view shooters to defence type games. One of their latest releases is Nano Kingdoms for the BlackBerry PlayBook. As the story goes, the king's son (named Alexander Red Devil) has become evil and thirsts for complete power over everyone. You play an army commander, one of several actually, that will lead the king's forces to victory. Each character is quipped with their own unique magical skill set so make sure you choose which commander you want to, er, command wisely.

During the game, you defend the kingdom by pitting your forces against the enemy. You can generate villagers, soldiers, archers and so on. Upgrade your castle and develop barracks and farmland to keep your kingdom fed. Withstand special attacks and unleash some of your own; it's all about developing the best strategy by balancing offense and defence. You can grab Nano Kingdoms for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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