Name the BlackBerry 9000 Contest Winner

Remember the Guess the Name of this Device Contest? Despite over 200 entries and 300 name suggestions, NOBODY guessed that the BlackBerry 9000 would ultimately be named the BlackBerry Bold.

But in true fashion, we're going to award a contest winner anyways... and since nobody guessed the actual name the 9000 launched under, we're going to pick the first person on the thread who suggested a pretty cool name that seemed to have a lot of acceptance (once posted others kept re-posting the suggestion) and also seemed to suit the device. And the winning suggestion is...

BlackBerry Onyx 

BlackBerry Onyx

SOUJAH345 is the lucky winner who first suggested the BlackBerry Onyx name. The prize is a new Bluetooth Headset and BlackBerry Case from You can see from the image above and read here why we thought the BlackBerry Onyx name could be a good fit for the 9000. The dark face banded with color visually suits the 9000 and the Onyx name just sounds good. Onyx is a's hard..solid... just like the 9000. Solid hardware components, a solid step for RIM. Onyx is Bold without having to come right out and say it. Onyx is an understated Bold that overdelivers. The name works on a lot of levels.

So there ya have it. I'm sure RIM paid a Million bucks to a marketing firm to finally arrive at the BlackBerry Bold branding. And while the "Bold" name is a fine, next time they should just come to the CrackBerry community first. Honestly, in addition to the BlackBerry Onyx name there were dozens of other suggestions that were pretty darn good. And just cool would it be for a Big Company to embrace its #1 Fan Site and let the folks who buy the device actually determine the name for it. We wouldn't even charge for the service. Nothing wrong with leaving an extra million in your investors' pockets. :-)

Congrats to SOUJAH345 and thanks to everyone who participated!