Myth Ville for BlackBerry 10 is a platform style of game but not quite the same as any I have played before. You play as one of two brothers (yes, I thought one was a girl in the video!) and your character must move from left to right across the screen avoiding obstacles and naughty evil creatures such as snakes and scarecrows. The game is set in the Caribbean although I can't really see the connection but the purple colors that are used look real nice on the eye.

Controls wise - things are a piece of cake. On the left of the display you have your forward and back arrows and then over on the opposite side you have two more tabs - one for jumping and one for throwing rocks which you will need to use in order to destroy the bad dudes.

The game is pretty chilled out with some nice background music but it does get a little frustrating when you fall down a hole and have to start the game all over gain. That said - practice makes perfect. I was hopeless the first few times but after persisting I got quite into the game.

Myth Ville is free to download so if you have the BlackBerry Z10 why not go and check it out. And feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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