Mysterious monoliths appear in AT&T stores but what's inside?!?

Since the word "monolith" has been making vast amounts of headlines today, we figured we'd toss in our thoughts on the mysterious pillars that have shown up in some AT&T stores recently. AT&T employees have been silent on the matter, some folks are even saying they have been sternly warned to not even joke, nor talk about the possibility of what may be underneath.

Many conclusions have been drawn up as to what it may be. It could be the Android packing Dell Streak, it may also have something to do with the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Some have even gone so far as to say it may be iPhone 4 related but that seems a little off base, since the iPhone 4 has already launched. Of course, this being CrackBerry and all; we'd like to think it's related to BlackBerry 6 and the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 aka Torch release. How frack'n cool would it be too see a huge Torch underneath there! Either way, time will tell what it is. I just hope it's something really cool for all the hype it's received thus far.

Source: Gizmodo