MySpace On BlackBerry

Well it's been a long wait for MySpace fans, but the time has come. Announced back in September officially, the new MySpace application is now available from the MySpace dedicated BlackBerry page as well as being placed on the BlackBerry homepage. I'm personally not a MySpace user but I know a lot of the CrackBerry nation is, so with that being said be sure to let everyone know what you think about the new application in the comments.

What to expect from the new application:

  • A full messaging interface, including comments, bulletins and messaging Real time status and mood updates.
  • Find, add, and respond to friend requests.
  • Camera integration and optimized photo management allowing users to snap, sort and upload pictures anytime and anywhere.
  • View and comment on friends’ albums and photos.
  • Notification of new MySpace events (message and friend requests).

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