With the American football season about to start, I'm sure all the diehard fans want to stay up to date on their team's schedule. mySchedule NFL 2013 ensures that no matter what team you or your family root for, that important game will never be missed. 

This convenient BlackBerry 10 application offers the ability to view the entire 2013 NFL regular season schedule. Upon loading, you are presented with the option of seeing all seventeen weeks of games in order by date and their start time which can be adjusted for Central, Mountain, Pacific, and Eastern time zones.

For those who don't want to forget, simply tap on the export to calendar icon and the application will create a new calendar entry for the NFL team of your choice with the option to set a reminder. Each entry includes the stadium name and address, sets it to private, and shows the teams competing. If you wish to export multiple teams, repeat this process for each one. Another item fans will enjoy is the Super Bowl history section which shows scores, winner and loser, and MVP information dating back to the very first one played. 

While I may not have the time to follow every single game, mySchedule makes it easier to keep track without manually inputting them into the calendar. All it takes is a quick tap to get ready for the upcoming season. Whether you follow the NY Giants like myself or are obsessed with one or more of the other NFL teams, this is sure to keep you organized on when to watch.

It may be simple, but it is a native application compatible with the Z10, Q10, and Q5 that you can purchase for $0.99.

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