MyAccountant updated with new tax calculator tool, export options and more

If you're looking for an app to track your expenses, MyAccountant is an app a lot of people recommend. You can categorize your expenses to make it easier to track, see your transaction history and even create recurring payments. It has featured in our back to school app roundup, twice, and has been receiving updates. It has just seen an update with a UI tweak, though the general layout is the same. It also has more business options added like a VAT, GST and Sales Tax calculator tool. Great to see more new features added. Definitely an app I continue to use regularly.

MyAccountant v2.3.71.1 changelog

New Features

  • Added option to export all account activities to a .CSV file (Accounts - Dashboard)
  • Added option to export all account history activities to a >CSV file (Accounts - Dashboard - History)
  • It is now possible to view and edit a transaction through the reconcile page
  • It is now possible to add a receipt when adding a new transaction
  • Added a VAT, GST and Sales Tax calculator tool (Tools - VAT Calculator)


  • Replaced account option from Set balance to Adjust balance
  • Minor changes

Bug Fixes

  • Now account balance is shown properly when its balance equals to zero (0.0)
  • Now transaction amount values respect the local format types (export to HTML)
  • Fixed text values in Profit & Loss Statement report (Total Income text was shown twice instead of once)
  • Fixed problems causing directory names to be miss understandable in the export dialog messages (now directory names are in a readable format)
  • Minor bug fixes

MyAccountant is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and usually costs $2.99. Of course, if you have already purchased the app before, updating the app is free.

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