New Setup Wizard Option - Personalize Ringtones and Notifications
I'd love to see this option get added!

* Update: Hmmm... so after 5,000 quick votes we can see that even among CrackBerry readers almost 20% of users stick to the ringtone and notification defaults. I would guess among those who are less BlackBerry enthusiasts that % would likely be twice as high (or more). That said... I think the stats show this is a good idea. Wouldn't hurt, that's for sure! *

The last couple of months I have spent more time living out of my suitcase then at home. You'll hear no complaints from me on that as I love to travel, but what is starting to drive me a bit bonkers is the fact that when I end up at events or in destinations where there are a lot of BlackBerry users around (CTIA, New York City, BlackBerry Developer Conference, etc.) I constantly, Constantly, CONSTANTLY hear the same default BlackBerry ringtones and notification sounds coming from people's devices. And as a result, whenever a BB makes a sound, you see everybody checking their own device since they too are running the default ringtone and alert sounds.

I think most consumer BlackBerry users (and CrackBerry readers) both know how to change up their ringtones and notifications and actually do change them up (I'm sure there's some who know how to change them but just like the default sounds too), but when it comes to the business / professional BlackBerry users out there who don't spend much time tweaking up their device (time is money right?) you often don't see them moving away from the default sounds. Not a big deal on a daily basis, but again, when you put a bunch of default BlackBerry users together in a room it gets really annoying when someone gets a call or instant message.

A possible solution? Why not add Personalize Ringtones and Notifications to the BlackBerry Setup Wizard? When people first get their new device, this could walk users through the process of changing up ringtones and settings right away. I'm sure it would have to at least make some sort of positive impact on this default ringtone phenomena I keep observing.

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