My P'9981 has a new Owner!

I saw a few comments suggesting the Porsche Design BlackBerry that I gave away to a lucky reader might end up on Ebay, but that couldn't be further from reality. Thankfully, it found a great home with a deserving BlackBerry fan who appreciates it.

I shipped my P'9981 off to Toronto to CrackBerry member Houshinto, and he followed up with some photos of his P'9981, including a photo of it in its daily charging spot, next to its "protector". Gotta love it! I asked Houshinto for some background info on himself that I could share with CrackBerry Nation.

Turns out it's a really small world - Houshinto actually used to live in the same city I'm in (heck, his parents used to own a Chinese restaurant I've been to *many* times). CRAZY. Keep reading for a couple more photos and a bit more info on this lucky CrackBerry contest winner!

Not mine anymore...

Not mine anymore...

From Houshinto...

I grew up in Winnipeg until I was 10. My folks had a Chinese food restaurant called Azalea at Leila and McGregor up until 1993. I currently live in Toronto, moved here and still miss the 'peg. I'm 29, male, and an inventory/database analyst. I'm educated and politically aware. I'm the furthest thing from conventional/materialistic/insincere but not in an anarchist kind of way.

I'm a foodie that loves farmers markets and grow my own stuff at home (nothing tastes better then your own grown). I'm active/sporty with an love for cycling as well the scars/badges to prove it. And as you can in the photo of my P'9981, I build models from time to time. Not sure if you're familiar with the plastic model kits called Gundam but that one is the Gundam Exia from the 00 series (pronounced double O).

Anyways...going back on topic...

My first BlackBerry was a 9630 Tour. Prior to that I had a few dumb phones which don't even deserve mentioning at this point, haha. Once I used my Tour for the first time the passion started and I began to explore the device. It wasn't an earth shattering event by any means. The best way I could describe it is like a fine vintage wine that appreciates over time. 3 Years later, I don't consider myself a specialist, but from hardware disassembly / customization / repair to OS modification / installation I've done pretty much anything that could be done to a BlackBerry. I'm an all around user and abuser like that rest of the community. I know what makes the BlackBerry right for me and really that's all that matters.

I'm thinking of a career change (any openings at CrackBerry? :)), a random thought is looking at software/app developement. To be honest anything involved with RIM would be great so I'm going to try and find a way.
I've come along way and my passion for the BlackBerry continues to grow. So whatever happens I'll be BB for life. I Do Bold, so I choose BlackBerry.

So there you have it. A deserving winner for my formerly owned Porsche Design BlackBerry. I'm stoked it ended up in a good home. Congrats again Houshinto, and to the rest of CrackBerry Nation, don't worry, another contest is never too far away.