My Mopetz Defenders

If you enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies, you'll want to check out My Mopetz Defenders for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Originally released back in April, the game had some glitches, but since then it has been updated and now works great! Bright graphics and smooth gameplay make this a game you'll enjoy playing as much as the kids do.

Your job is to place your cute dragon and monkey defenders on the battlefield to defend against the zombies that are attacking your village. Collect glowing orbs that fall from the top of the screen to build up your army. Be careful where you place your defenders; if too many of the zombies break past your lines and get into the village, it's game over.

My Mopetz Defenders is easy to learn and fun to play. I was a bit confused at first as there is no indication of when or how you level up, so it's almost like one long game. There's nothing wrong with that, I just didn't realize it at first. As the level number gets higher, the attackers seem to be stronger and faster, so don't get too comfortable or they will overpower you. I hope future updates bring a wider variety of defenders to choose from, but as is I have no complaints about the game and feel it is worth the $.99 price tag.

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