If you're a long time CrackBerry reader, you'll know I get extremely **passionate** about the subject of phone keyboards. Communicating -- whether emailing, texting, BBM'ing, WhatsApp'ing, etc. -- is one of the things a user does most frequently when picking up their phone, and the keyboard plays an important role in just how efficient and enjoyable that experience is.

When the subject of keyboards came up earlier in Talk Mobile, I went on a Kevin-rant during our Talk Mobile Keyboard hangout, going through my long list of things that matter and should be considered in determining the phone and typing experience that best fits an individual's needs. Inspired by that philosophy and pulling in from our Talk Mobile survey data, we turned it into an awesome infographic.

Click the image or link below to see it in all its glory, and be sure to share it with your slow typing friends that complain they hate their keyboard (likely not BlackBerry users... just say'n!).

Check out the Talk Mobile Keyboard Infographic