My garage is trashed. Pieces of black fiberboard lie scattered across the floor amid a sea of pink insulation. Wires stretch down from the ceiling like alien tentacles and large burly men in overalls with names like Burt and Gus walk among them. The men pause often, eyeing the assorted cables with suspicion while they mutter to themselves, and then clamor back up a ladder to tame them with screwdrivers, pliers, and little twisty things.

Why has my garage become a construction zone? Because it is being “finished”. Apparently when they built the house for the previous owner, they “started” the garage, put up four walls and a ceiling and then got sorta hungry, left for burgers and never came back. Leaving me, the subsequent home owner who likes to putter in the garage even in the winter, with a really chilly putter zone consisting of thin walls and no insulation. And so now we are “finishing” the garage.
Garage Under Construction

Which brings me back to the BlackBerry. How so, you ask? Well during all the excitement of the day, I have been without power. Which means no computer and no Internet. Fortunately, I am a resourceful BlackBerry owner. So even though my desktop PC has become a lifeless paperweight, I can still send and receive emails on my BlackBerry!

I have not fallen off the face of the planet. I am still a productive citizen, to which several email recipients can attest. Well, they can at least agree that they got the emails. The quality of their content is perhaps another story.

But it gets better, because I have a laptop. And I’ve read this very informative article about using my BlackBerry as a modem. I’m not exactly a speed demon set up this way, but it is possible in a pinch to stay up and running with a mobile office.
Laptop and BlackBerry 8700

It also makes me think about other possibilities. This spring I want to go to the beach for a week with my family. The place where we want to go doesn’t have Internet access, but it does have nearby cell towers. With my laptop and BlackBerry, I can check back in at the office, upload articles, and surf the net, all with sunscreen on my nose and a margarita in my hand.

So here’s to Burt and Gus, warm garages, and warmer beaches. And BlackBerries. Cheers.

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