Over the past few months I've really tried my best to not be a "case guy" for my BlackBerry Q10, but when it comes down to it I really like to have the added protection as well as a bit of extra bulk and grip. As you've seen through my many case reviews thus far, I've been through quite a few in pursuit of the perfect Q10 case. I've tried everything from official hard shell case to the Incipio Feather to the Q10 Ballistic Case. While I was happy with each case for a while for their own reasons, I found that I never lasted more than a few days with any of them. 

In between cases I'd try to go naked (my Q10 that is) but in the end, I always found myself digging through my accessory drawer for that one case that gave me everything I wanted - the Incipio Frequency case. I first reviewed the Frequency case back in May and while I loved it then, I didn't realize that it was the end of my case woes. Every time I pull off a new case that just doesn't feel right, I always find myself reaching for this one to save the day. 

Obviously everyone likes a particular case for a particular reason (or more than one even) and for me, this case does what I want it to and doesn't give me that "I wish I had a different case" feeling.

I like that it fits snug on my Q10 and doesn't ever feel like it will just pop off, it's not a dust collector, it has a good amount of grip and bulk and it looks good on the device. For a time I wanted a bigger case like the OtterBox Commuter or Ballistic, but those both fell short for me. The Commuter case I found hard to type with as the edges around the keyboard came up to high, and the Ballistic case just never fit snug enough to keep me happy.  

The Frequency case gives me a great combination of all the things I look for in a case and for that reason it's my go-to case for the BlackBerry Q10. So when people ask me what my favorite case it, the Incipio Frequency proudly holds that title. 

Have you tried the Frequency case? Do you have a favorite case for you device? Sound off in the comments!

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