Unless you're in the UK this won't be of interest, so feel free to move on. But if you're on either the Orange or T-Mobile network I think this one will be right up your street. EE have released a specific app for Orange and T-Mobile users which is slightly different from the already existing 'EE' one in BlackBerry World. Confused? I'll explain.....

Although both Orange and T-Mobile come under the EE banner, consumers can still have a contract on either of the networks. So what's the difference between Orange, T-Mobile and EE you may well ask? To cut a long story short, Orange and T-Mobile offer a 3G service. EE, the parent company, offer only 4G. Many folk that have been with Orange and T-Mobile for years don't feel they have the need (or can justify the additional cost) of the 4G service, so they can stay as they are, just utilizing the 2G/3G service.

So if that's you and you want to manage your account on your BlackBerry you can grab the app from the link below. It's free!

Features of the app include:

  • Keep on top of your billing date and amounts
  • See your remaining allowances, including how much data you have left at a glance Get detailed info so you can start to really understand your usage and the many benefits of being with EE
  • If you're a pay as you go customer, you can check your credit and top up Buy data and photo messaging add-ons so you can save even more
  • Search our Help section to get all your questions answered about everything from roaming to billing, even when you are offline and have limited or no coverage
  • Enjoy little extras such as linking the app to your phone's contacts. This lets you see your contacts' names instead of their phone numbers on your usage and billing info. Handy.

Learn More / Download My EE for Orange and T-Mobile

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